Trust A1 Wetherby Car Storage to keep your vehicle safe, secure, and in perfect condition. Your car deserves the best, and so do you.

Reasons to store with us:

Some common reasons that our customers use our dedicated service:

Nowhere safe or dry to keep your car?

Already have a full garage at home, your garage is too small, or nowhere indoors or safe and secure to keep your car. Or is your car taking up valuable space at work that could otherwise help your business grow?

Professional Storage of Supercar and collector cars - as car experts we know how to look after even the rarest car from vintage cars to F1 cars they all have differing needs.

Extended travel such as round the world trips, expats and customers with holiday homes spending extended time outside the UK and away from home or nowhere to keep a car in the UK.

Has your car collection grown too large to manage? we offer a discount on multiple vehicle storage packages - please ask us for more details.

We can manage the MOT and service needs of your vehicle / vehicles, including transport to your chosen service provider. This has the added benefit of when you come to use your car you can enjoy it rather than having to take time out of your schedule to take it to service or MOT.

Are you having building work or renovation work done at home? Avoid the risk of damage to your pride and joy by storing with us.

Burglary / theft including vehicle theft - keep your vehicle safe and secure instead of on your drive. The increase of keyless vehicle theft has made the risk of losing your car much more likely.

Insurance costs increase / are you unable to get insurance to keep your car at home, our secure site is insurance approved and many customers receive a discount on their insurance because they store with us.

Winter car storage - avoid leaving your car outside in the cold and damp weather over winter, by storing the car inside you are protecting its condition and its value.

Race car storage - free up your workshop space to enable you to work on other projects.

By making sure your car is ready to use when you want it we take the hassle out of ownership and ensure you get to enjoy it. No more flat batteries or flat tyres when you come to use it, and because we make sure every car is cleaned when it comes into storage every time you drive it, it ensures it clean the next time you take it out.

Swap between vehicles you own without coming to store, we can provide a remote delivery service transporting your vehicle to/ from your home from / to our storage facility enabling you to swap between cars you own or use at your convenience using either covered or open transport depending on your requirements.

* Insurance included as standard up to £100,000 per vehicle, additional cover available - please ask

Benefits of Storage with A1 
  • Indoor, Secure Car Storage
  • Insurance Included*
  • Car Cleaned on Arrival - free recleans
  • Flexible Access 
  • Swap between cars you own
  • MOT / Service Management
  • Convenient Location